Saturday, October 3, 2015

Brunch Brings Us Together

Several special times each year, our family makes an even bigger deal about food than we usually do.  These times include holidays, vacations, and some weekends that we set aside to spend as a family.  This is one such weekend, and I couldn't be more excited.  It's like Christmas in our home.  Beautiful, uplifting sounds fill the air.  Warm feelings of togetherness and comfort surround us - from the buzz of happy contentment that we all share, to the pajamas we wear a little later into the day and the blankets and pillows we spend snuggling with.  It is a time of being together.  We don't try to accomplish lots of things on these weekends, it's more of a relaxing tone, focused on bonding and being nourished.  The food we eat is a huge part of that!

It begins Saturday morning, as the brunch spread is set out.  This usually includes fresh fruit, vegetables, some kind of breakfast casserole or special breakfast dish, baked goods, and lots of options for toppings.  There are usually foods from at least a few of the MyPlate food groups.  Today our featured dish was Whole Wheat German Pancakes with a sauce made from fresh plums.  I picked up a basket of fresh local plums at the Provo Farmers Market last weekend that we've been devouring all week long.  By now they were very juicy and sweet and perfect for the sauce.  German pancakes involve a very simple recipe and they go a long way.  You can get 9 servings, easily from the recipe.  Since we kept going back for more helpings, it was just fine with us that our #s are pretty small.  This was my first time switching out the all-purpose flour for whole wheat and while the texture was a little different (which I think may have been because I added the butter to the batter, by mistake), you couldn't tell at all by tasting them.

It's no secret that food brings people together.  That's why it's a great time to create food traditions that are healthy as well as delicious.  You can join us for a free class on October 14th at 7pm at the Springville Library to get some ideas on bringing the comfort of fall flavors into your home in healthy ways.  And again November 4th, also at the Springville Library at 7pm, we'll explore ways to do holiday food a little healthier this year.  For our full calendar of classes, see here.  In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this delicious recipe and make time soon to have a relaxing brunch with those you love.

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