Thursday, August 13, 2015

How I plan on getting my girls involved with Dinner prep

So important, so fun, so rewarding and so chaotic all at the same time.
I have 4 girls and I've noticed, especially with my picky eater that if she is involved in the creation of the meal she is much more likely to partake.  It can be especially hard on my patience but I know if I want them to be healthier eaters involving them in the process is the easiest way.  With school staring next week, I've come up with a plan.
Thursday nights will be our planning nights. We will sit at the table with pen in hand and have each child decide a dinner meal for the next week.  They will be in charge of making sure that meal makes it to the dinner table.  If that means doing all the work on her own (my 12 year old can usually do this) or making sure mom and sisters are helping her prepare it (my youngest, 4 year old) will have to do this.  They choose the meal (with guidance from mom and the budget, of course) and make sure it happens.
Shopping for the weeks meals will be done over the weekend.  I'm a working mom so weekend shopping is the easiest.  I've enlisted 7 reusuable bags that will sit in our pantry with the items that don't need to be refrigerated for each evenings meal.  So it can be as easy as grabbing that nights bag and getting started.  Making it easy if I'm running late from work or can't be home to get things started in time.
My girls love having ownership and being "in charge" for the evening. I'm feeling super jazzed about this new system and my husband couldn't be happier knowing there will be food on the table each night. Why not try it and see if this is something that might work for your family too?

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