Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I am not a fan of grocery store hopping, but one item I rarely purchase at a regular grocery store is bread. I make trips to the BAKERY OUTLETS. They have buns, bagels, whole wheat bread and more. I buy what we need for 2 weeks, keep it in my cold storage or freezer. Best part is, I almost always get something free when I leave.

Here in Utah County we have  two Sara Lee locations one in Orem and one in American Fork. Franz Bakery outlet is located in Provo just near the Center Street and I-15 on ramp. Bread that normally cost $3.00 per loaf can be purchased for under a dollar. True, the bread is usually close to the date but when you use it or freeze it quickly you save a lotta dough. HA HA

Did you know you could use your SNAP benefits at the Outlets????
I spoke with a manager at the Frantz bakery last week and he mentioned that Utah has the lowest use of SNAP benefits at the bakery locations. Franz also has coupons for free bread or buy 3 get one free, etc. This week we will have coupons for a free loaf of bread in our classes. Calendar for April Classes

Bakery outlets are a  great way to STRETCH your  food dollar. There are many whole grain options at the outlets. USDA,  MyPlate recommendations are that half our grains are whole grains. That means we are eating grains with minimal processing and include the whole kernel. This includes things like, wheat, barley, oats, brown rice and quinoa. Interested in
 learning more about whole grains? Visit the whole grain council web page or to learn more.

Franz Bakery Outlet
1177 W. 100 N 
Store Hours
Mon- Sat 9-6
Sara Lee Bakery Outlet
1363 N State St
66 N. State St.
American Fork
Store Hours 8 am - 7 pm

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  1. I've lived in Provo for 5 years and never knew about the Franz outlet! Thanks to the coupon I got, I got a free loaf of amazing whole wheat multi grain bread. Without the coupon though, it only would have cost 79 cents! And the expiration date was still 8 days away. Thank you for telling me!