Thursday, March 12, 2015


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Using store ads, you can save a LOT of cash at the grocery store.  Check your mailbox, the store websites or apps, or this website that does all the work for you!  In Utah County, both Walmart and LoLo's price match local competitors ad prices.

This week I will be picking up a couple of Heritage Farm Whole Chickens ($.99 lb). In the past I have shied away from purchasing whole chickens like this, but it is a great way to get a lot of meat for little cost. You can cook them whole, rotisserie-chicken style, like this one from Our Best Bites. Or break it up into breast, thighs and wings. I also like to boil the whole chicken with some vegetables and then pull the meat from the bones.

Yes, it is a little work but I have enough meat from one chicken to make two meals for 4 people. In addition to the meat, it also produces chicken stock I can use instead of purchasing it. There are a million things to do once you pull the meat from the bone. Soup, Casserole, Salads, Sandwiches ANYTHING!!!

Enchiladas My Way
For the price matched plate this week I will make enchiladas.  When I make enchiladas, I plate one enchilada and then pile it with lettuce($.98 @  Ridley's), fresh tomatoes, white onions, olives and a dollop of light sour cream (16 oz. $.99). It ends up more like a salad with an enchilada on the bottom. There are ton of recipes for chicken enchiladas online. Family Favorite Recipes is place I go for recipes I know my family will love. They have a variety of enchilada recipes.

Things to stock up on this week

RUSSETS POTATOES 10 lb bag $.98
WATERMELON 4 lb for $1 @ Rancho Market
Fuji and Granny Smith APPLES 2 lb for $1 @ Rancho Market
ORANGES 4lb for $1 @ Rancho Market
MANGOS are $1 each @ Smiths
BELL PEPPERS ASSORTED 3 for $1 @ Rancho Market Sat and Sun
GREEN CABBAGE $.47 @ Ridley's
RED POTATOES $.47 @ Ridley's

100% APPLE JUICE  Western Family  64 oz @ Macey's
MILK $1.99 @ Reams
BUTTER $1.88 @ Macey's (you can easily freeze butter)

For the Freezer
Pork Sirloin Chips, bone-in $ 1.49 @ Macey's
Pork Sirloin Roast bone-in $.97 @ Ridley's
Chicken Drumsticks .$69 @ Reams

Thank you vanillaechoes, phasinphoto, and John Kasawa with for the images.

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