Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Saves loads of dough      Makes it healthier  
The cheapest way to take the entire family "out to eat"

In the spirit of Valentine's day I wanted to share a little about how I discovered this recipe. A few years ago my husband and I decided to make the effort to go out for a Valentines dinner. When you have a lot of kids finding a babysitter or someone to help with your many little ones can be challenging. At this time my sister was living near by and agreed to help with kids. My littlest was still pretty little and we had not left her before. So in other words.... it was a big night out for me.

We decided to go out to an Italian restaurant. I was  looking forward to a romantic night with yummy food. I loved a good lasagna. When we arrived and were seated, it didn't take long for things to do down hill. Our seats were right in the draft of the door. Every time someone walked in I was hit with a gust of February chill. I don't think I ever warmed up, and the lasagna, wasn't all that great. Since that time I have worked to develop a recipe that I love more than going out. In fact, I like my own lasagna so much more than any I have tried in a restaurant.

Today's recipe and budgeting tip is one about preparing restaurant style and quality food at home for much less. It is a very versatile marinara that I use multiple ways. Best part is it is inexpensive and easy to make.

In our house, we love meatball sandwiches.  In a restaurant, for a good sandwich, it costs around $10 or more per sandwich.  For us to feed our crew it would cost $60-$70.  With this recipe I can make a full crock pot of meatballs for around $15-20 depending on if I make the meatballs, too.  (Remember, I cook for at least 12 for every dinner.)

This recipe makes a yummy pasta sauce with or without meat and the lasagna is magnificent, and for a fraction of the cost of going out you can feed the whole family. The best part is, if my kids don't clear their own plate they leave me the tip.

Click here for my Versitile Marinara with instructions for Lasagna and Meatball sandwiches

 Don't forget to play with your food!

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