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Hooray for more peppers!  I never get tired of them.  I'm always excited to see them.  That's probably because I haven't had a garden where I've grown them yet and too many than I know what to do with.  Even then, I think I would feel as amiably towards them as I do now.  They make everything yummy.  Sally & Tanya must have read my blog post from last week saying how much I adore them because they were kind enough to spoil me with piles of them this week.  You'll see a lot of peppers in this week's post, as well as lots of other good stuff.  This handout has lots of great ideas for using peppers, including recipe for fajitas and breakfast burritos.

Fun Fact:  Did you know that peppers are a great source of Vitamin C?

We've put together a meal plan, with feeding a family of 4 in mind.  However, these ideas would be great no matter how many you're feeding.  This meal plan uses produce from a Utah basket from Bountiful Baskets and is based on MyPlate recommendations.  We'll also use a few simple ingredients from a well stocked kitchen and minimal additional items from the market.  You can click on each recipe name for the recipe.  Everything shown here was included in the basket contribution - $15 plus a small fee ($2.50).  Actually this week at our location, we even got a $2.03 credit so all of this cost me just $15.47!  Everything pictured came from my personal Bountiful Basket.

Basket items:  1 head broccoli

Keep it simple.  Steaming broccoli for just a few minutes will maintain a lot of the vitamins it's packed with.  Serve alongside a protein and a grain or starchy vegetable.  Sprinkle with cheese, if you like.  I like keeping some chicken frozen with pre-made sauce in my freezer for times like these - then I can just throw them in the oven.  Simple meals like this make me happy because it's easy to keep the kitchen clean!  Use these simple steps to create wonderful steamed broccoli.

Basket items:  4 red bell peppers, 1 large potato (or several small), 1 large onion

A neighbor friend of mine introduced me to this soup a few years ago and it is still one of my favorite go-to recipes.  The richness of the roasted pepper with the faint sweetness of the pear are a perfect combination.  You could also use peppers from a jar to make this.  Will serve with cheese quesadilla or breadsticks and a side salad.


Basket items:  1 clamshell strawberries, several small potatoes, 1 bell pepper
Breakfast for dinner is a great theme to have because breakfast food is generally really inexpensive and it also feels like a treat.  Also, I never see them anymore - but I stil have loads of the amazing raw tortillas that we used to get from Bountiful Baskets in my freezer.  They make yummy breakfast burritos.  The wraps that are currently offered would also be really good.  Use these simple steps to create a delicious breakfast burrito with what you have on hand.  And these ones for the smoothie.  Bon appetit!

Ratatouille basket items:  1-2 eggplant, all the zucchini, 1-2 onion
Zucchini Fries basket items:  all the zucchini

Kristi (one of our fabulous health educators) picked her basket up on Thursday in Lehi and her basket had eggplant.  Mine did not.  So, I am sharing two ideas for those of you who may be one of the lucky ones that got eggplant.  HOWEVER, you will love these zesty zucchini sticks!  Another favorite - everytime I make them in a class people can't wait to make them at home.  If you make the ratatouille, you can make it a day ahead and the flavors will only get better.  I would serve that with a risotto (or just rice) and garlic toast.  The zucchini fries make a fantastic side dish so just pick a grain and a protein.  I'll do baked cod and seasoned quinoa with black beans.

Basket items:  5 small potatoes, 4 carrots, 1 onion

Have you ever had Ethiopian food?  It's one of my favorite dining out experiences.  When I go, this is one of my favorite dishes so of course I had to learn how to make it at home.  Ethiopian food is especially great for those who are eating gluten free or vegetarian because they have a lot of great veggie dishes and the bread (which you scoop the food with - there are no utensils) they use is made with Teff, a gluten-free grain.  

Basket items:  cucumber, bell pepper, grape tomatoes, carrots

This would work well as a side item or put it all on a pita or wrap and make it part of the entree!

Basket Items:  2-4 bell pepper

Fajitas are a happy food.  I have tortillas, limes left from last week, onion still from a previous basket, cheese, sour cream, and avocado all in my kitchen already. Use what you have on hand and serve hot!  I'm thinking cornbread casserole on the side.

Basket items:  7 oranges, 2 grapefruit, whatever is left of the carrots, potatoes, grape tomatoes, cucumber and peppers.

fresh fruit & veggies
grapefruit sprinkled with cinnamon
orange julius
sparkling juice - just add to sparkling water or club soda and make a refreshing treat
Top a homemade pizza with the veggies
vegetable soup
Blend fresh oranges with plain yogurt and add a touch of honey to make a fresh orange creamcicle flavored yogurt
add to salads

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