Thursday, December 18, 2014

Winter Break Snacks

During the winter break the whole family tends to be home, and they usually expect to have munchies on hand. Maybe what's on hand are the cookies from the neighbors, leftover cheesecake from the Christmas party, favors from the wedding receptions, candy from stockings and hot chocolate mixes in fancy mugs that came as gifts.

This year, make those foods the exception, and keep your new years goals in sight by offering healthy snacks. Here are some ideas:

-Popcorn. Instead of chips (which are higher in salt and fat), pop some popcorn. It's a whole grain and a very low-calorie snack if it's not slathered in theater butter. Here's a link to some new ideas to flavor it.

-Pomegranate arils. These little jewels are very high in antioxidants, not to mention delicious.  Learn how to properly extracate the arils and it will change your life! (Link?)

-Edamame is a delicious snack. It's a fancy name for boiled green soybeans, but they are even more delicious than they sound. If you've never tried edamame, it would be a fun food to experiment as a family over the holidays. They're fun to eat because you get to pop the beans from the pod. You can buy a bag of frozen edamame at most grocery stores in the frozen vegetables section. Click here to learn how to cook them. Just lightly steam, salt, and enjoy.


-Dehydrated/freeze dried fruits

-Clementines. Nature's beautiful vitamin-packed candy. My sister and I like to see who can peel it in one piece, and who can put a whole one in their mouth at once.

-Hummus with pita and veggies.

-Homemade granola. 

-Bake something fun together. 

Check out the Snap Meals Pinterest boards for lots more healthy snack ideas for kids.

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