Thursday, November 8, 2012

Down On The Farm!!

Twice per year, we head to the farm to teach groups of 2nd Grade students about Nutrition at an event called Farm Field Days.  The students rotate  through a variety of different stations, learning about agriculture and such.  We give them a snack that includes foods from all five food groups and a drink of water.  We discuss with them how to make good food choices and identify foods from each food group, as well as talk about getting at least an hour of exercise every day.  The kids always love coming to our station!  I personally love the fresh locally grown Gala apples and the delicous cubes of cheddar cheese!!
Here are a couple of our friends from down on the farm....
At the beginning of the day, the kids get to watch a sheep being sheared.  They love this part!
This last October, at Farm Field Days, a pair of twins were born.  Here, one of the twins is shown with his mother.
Here are some of our FFA student volunteers helping to teach a group of 2nd graders about MyPlate.  For more information on MyPlate,  go to

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