Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wishes & Dishes

On those special days - days like today (Mother's Day)  - what is your secret wish that someone could grant you? That special something that would let you know that you are known, understood and loved?  
For me today, it wasn't being given or told something.  It wasn't even really being on the receiving end of a great service.  Instead, having my son plan and prepare delicious, wonderful food with me turned out to be precisely what I wanted.  I loved it because cooking is something that I would like to think I gave him in a way... something that bonds us together. That's exactly what happened today.  We bonded over a perfect mess of ingredients, in a flurry of getting everything prepared in just the right way at just the right time so it could all be enjoyed in the particular manner we'd intended. Can you tell by the picture of his hand-written recipe what he was making? 

I hope your secret wishes came true today!  If you were wishing for recipes then stay tuned because we'll have some new ones coming your way later this week!

Happy Mother's Day!!