Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fun Winter Activities for Families!

Looking for ideas on keeping active during the cold weather? Each day for the next week, we'll be sharing a fun game idea! Check back with us or follow our blog to get the latest game idea!

Today's Fun Winter Activity:

Make or draw (using chalk if outside, yarn, tape or other similar items) a squigley line at least 20 feet long. Make two teams of at least two people. Teams stand at opposite ends of the squigley line and at same time start running on top of the line until they meet somewhere near the middle. Then the two players play one game of rock paper scissors. The person who wins the rock paper scissors keeps going on the line until the next player on the opposite team stops them again and so on until the player is either beat in rock paper scissors or until they reach the very end of the squigley line by the opposite team. The players who lose rock paper scissors while on the line do not advance but return to the back of their teams line and the next player starts running. To win the game all players of one team must pass to the opposite team's side.

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