Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bountiful Baskets - A Review

Look at the picture below. How much would you pay for this bounty of fruits and vegetables? How about $15? For this price, a Co-Op called Bountiful Baskets offers a bundle like the one seen here (I got this one in August) for exactly that price (plus a $1.50 handling fee) each week. They also have organic produce for $10 more.
A Co-Op is not a business. It is run completely by volunteers. Because we all buy produce together, we can get good deals purchasing directly from farms. Everyone is asked to help the system to run well by volunteering once or twice a month at the pick-up locations.
Along with their weekly baskets of fruits and vegetables, Bountiful Baskets will usually have a special deal on a case of something delicious - like these lovely peaches pictured below. They were a 20 lb case for $16.50. (Just wait till you see what I made with them! Yummm....)

What I made with some of my peaches: Buckwheat pancakes topped with peaches, fresh whipped cream, and sprinkled with cinnamon; I also made Peach coolers.

Also available are special packs like the one pictured below that I added to my order for $7.50. That week I made plenty of salsa, including a delicous Roasted Tomatillo Salsa. My son enjoyed testing his endurance against the fire of the jalapeno and bit right into one and began to chew it up.... until the heat set in and he was running around the room hollering like a train at a crossing. It was great fun for all. ;-)
Here's another shot of the fruit portion of a basket I got another week. Interested in learning more about Bountiful Baskets? Check out their website! They may have a pick-up location near you. The one I go to is 3 minutes from my home. Just remember to bring something with you to carry your goods home in (most people bring laundry baskets, green shopping bags, and the like).
I tried out Bountiful Baskets for the first time this summer and I loved it. True, bringing home a basket of fresh produce is like Christmas morning for me, or maybe like Halloween. I lay it all out on the table, going through my booty and salivating over my favorites - setting them aside. I LOVE produce!!
This is just one option for finding good deals on produce. This is not the only way, but it may be something that works for you! Have you tried it? Or do you have another method that you don't mind sharing with us? Post it in the comment box!

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