Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What do YOU Eat in a Week?

How do you plan out your menu for the week? As you're planning this week, here's an interesting slideshow of the food a typical family in a variety of places around the world eats in a week. It's a bit humbling...but we could all use some of that here and there, I think.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Local Beat: Wednesday Weekly Ad Review!

Do you shop the ads? They can be a great resource for knowing what's on sale and planning out menu's that help you save! Here are links to the current weekly ads for several local grocery stores to help you get started:
Fresh Market (7/20-7/26) ~ Smith's(7/20-7/26) ~ Sunflower (7/20-7/27) ~ Ridley's(7/19-7/25) ~ Macey's (7/20-7/26) Harmon's (7/18-7/24)
Our favorite deals:
Sweet Red Cherries: $1.99/lb
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts: $1.69/lb
Smith's Large Eggs: $.99/12ct.
Hass Avocados: 2/$1
Raw Shrimp: $3.99/lb
Watermelon: $.19/lb
Honeydew/Canteloupe: $.39/lb
Big Fresh Meat Sale 4/$20
Chik'n Palooza 20-24oz pkgs of Wings, Thighs, or Drumsticks: 4/$5
Super Saver Pack Chicken Breast: $1.58/lb
Tomatoes or Red Potatoes: $.77/lb
WF Shredded Cheese 3/$5
Best buys all-around right now: Fresh Corn on the Cob (about 3/$1 most places), Sweet Cherries (around $2-3/lb), Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, Watermelon.
TIPS: When shopping, stick to healthy foods like fresh lean meats, produce, whole grains, 100% juices, and lowfat dairy. Don't get sucked in by cheap frozen dinners and deals on foods that have low nutritional value!
So, which store do you love to shop at most and why?
DON'T FORGET! The ChooseMyPlate Challenge is still open until 11:59 pm on August 1st! Send us your food photos to: cookingitsasnap@gmail.com. See details here: ChooseMyPlateChallenge.
Disclaimer: Cooking...It's a Snap does not endorse any grocery store, nor are we affiliated with any of them. This information is provided as a courtesy for our readers!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Try the ChooseMyPlate Challenge!

Recently the USDA introduced

ChooseMyPlate.Gov and their new symbol MyPlate, that replaced MyPyramid. My Plate is a great tool for helping all of us follow the dietary guidelines for being healthy. We're pretty excited about this around here and would like to have some fun with it.

So, we're introducing the ChooseMyPlate Challenge! Here's how it goes:

1. Following the example in the ChooseMyPlate logo (see pictured above), create your meal by filling half of your plate with fruits and vegetables, and the other half with grains and protein. Include a serving of lowfat or fat free dairy. Use a plate that is about 8 inches in diameter.
2. Take a picture of your food! Then send it to us at cookingitsasnap@gmail.com. Don't forget to include your name in your email! On the left is an example of what your picture should look like, except there should be fruit on the plate, along with the corn. However, this is generally the kind of photo we are looking for.

3. Send in as many entries as you'd like! The more you send, the better your chances of winning!

The CHALLENGE will end at 11:59 pm MST on August 1st, 2011. All entries that follow the MyPlate guidelines will be featured in a picture slideshow shared on the blog. The CookingItsASnap ladies will select our top 3 favorite photos, which will also be featured on the blog.

PRIZES!!! The top 3 winners will receive an assortment of gifts, including packets of our Soups or Sauces mix (A fantastic basic sauce mix good for so many uses and super handy to keep in your pantry!), a copy of our delicious and diverse Top Ten Meals for $10 or less booklet, a Recipe book, and all the dry ingredients to make one of our favorite recipes! (You do not have to be local to win. We will mail this stuff to you!)

So, get creative, get hungry, and get sending us your food photos!

Remember to send them to: cookingitsasnap@gmail.com

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